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Within a short space of time the twenty female tickets were gone and we began a waiting list of ten, twenty, thirty extra women.However, the twenty male tickets were barely moving.Research from a scientist’s perspective, using Einstein’s theory of relativity, gravitational time dilation, and the physics of the space-time continuum.

I am starting to honestly consider the fact that one’s first date with a cripple of my caliber (wheelchair and all) is more or less a health survey of sorts.◊♦◊I just had a first meeting with a guy I met online. How can you be sitting on my couch and just blurt that shiz out?

While there are many events at which young adults can meet and mingle, we wanted an event that was explicitly pointed towards the goal of good relationships.

Of course we had no idea how this scheme would be received and whether or not we would even achieve the minimum number of forty people to actually book out the hotel restaurant.

Russell Humphreys has his Ph D in physics and is an example of a credentialed scientist who has made scientific progress starting from a Christian, creationist bible-believing worldview. Russell Humphreys, Physicist, on Creation in the 21st Century. Humphreys shares ground-breaking research into magnetic fields, and how bold predictions about the cosmos made by creationist, Bible-believing scientists, have been proven correct based on data from NASA’s scientific space probes.

Topics: space exploration, big bang, geo-magnetic field, solar radiation planets) “It’s a Young World, After all! Russell Humphreys, Physicist, on Creation in the 21st Century. Humphreys shares research into dating methods for the age of the earth/universe.

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