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The table has millions of records, and we need to complete the upgrade as quickly as possible.

This is a frequently asked question with an answer that might surprise you.

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We always upload the data to a table and then begin the process.

Although this process works are you familiar with any other options to directly perform the INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE operations?

The DUAL is special one row, one column table present by default in all Oracle databases.

The owner of DUAL is SYS (SYS owns the data dictionary, therefore DUAL is part of the data dictionary.) but DUAL can be accessed by every user.

sql commands for updating table-21

(That table exists just for the upgrade; it is not a global temporary table.) What is the best approach for accomplishing this?

If you close and immediately reopen an explicit cursor, PL/SQL does not reparse the associated query. To save an attribute value for later use, assign it to a local variable immediately.

Otherwise, other operations, such as subprogram invocations, might change the value of the attribute before you can test it.

See the following commands : The following command displays the structure of DUAL table : Note : The DELETE command is used to remove rows from a table.

After performing a DELETE operation you need to COMMIT or ROLLBACK the transaction to make the change permanent or to undo it.

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